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Seahorse SE-300 Case Features

Whatever your secured storage needs Seahorse has the right case for you. These cases are strong, durable and they will last you a lifetime and more. With lots of options and colors to choose from getting outfitted with the best case for your job is easy. Pick and pluck foam makes arranging any equipment a breeze. These cases are water proof, dust proof and crush resistant. They can handle any situation you throw at it.

Make a statement while protecting your expensive tools and equipment. Seahorse cases come in a variety of colors and styles. Your case can be black, gray, yellow (OSHA), orange (SOLAS) or even camouflage if that suits your taste or needs. If you need a specific color other than the standard, contact us for special ordering.

These cases exceed the demands of any environment. The outer shell is made from very tough polypropylene that is dent, scratch and crush resistant. These shells are so tough you could drive right over the top of them with your car!

Seahorse cases are unconditionally guaranteed for a lifetime. If they break they’ll be replaced. You can count on these cases protecting your expensive electronics equipment, camera equipment or even your hand gun. These cases are designed to deliver a lifetime of protection.

Trust Seahorse to protect your equipment while you travel. These lightweight cases are perfect travel companions for your camera and lenses or just about anything else you need to protect. Each case is lockable with convenient padlock holes or with optional locking latches complete with keys. The optional latches offer a tamper-proof way to protect your valuables. Either at home or away locking your equipment is absolutely necessary to prevent your tools or hand gun from getting in the hands of the wrong person.

No matter your needs, there is definitely a Seahorse case to accommodate your tools and equipment. No more fumbling or looking for the correct tool, build your toolbox with just the right configuration of tools so you have them at your fingertips. The pick and pluck foam will provide you countless options for arranging your equipment perfectly and professionally. If you need even more customization there is an optional padded divider that allows you to arrange and re-arrange your specific configuration inside your Seahorse case on the fly. Each divider has a Velcro edge so you can arrange it to your liking.

Whether at work or play there is a Seahorse case that can protect your valuable equipment. Broken tools and equipment will be a thing of the past. Don't go into the field without perfectly safe and organized equipment. It is a breeze to do with the proper case and Seahorse can outfit your needs perfectly.

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