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SE-300 Seahorse Case Protects Your Flare Gun

You live in Florida by the water. You have a boat that you like to use for pleasure cruises on the weekends. You decide that you want to take a cruise with some friends and do some fishing. So you all get in and off you go. Now, you have decided to bring some liquid refreshment with you.
You are drinking and having a good time when one of you catch something.

You are not sure what it is, but sure must be big because it nearly broke your friends pole in half. As you all try to help him reel it in, you are falling all over each other. With all the splashing you and your friends are covered in salt water. Your flare gun and extra flares are soaked to. You knew you should have bought something to keep them in.

The SE-300 Seahorse can do that for you. It is made of durable plastic. It will take all the harsh treatment you can give it. No amount of sliding around or kicking it will dent or chip it. It has an Auto-Purge System, which keeps it airtight and watertight. It works by letting air in and out of the case while keeping dust, water and other harmful things out of the case. It uses a Perimeter O- Ring seal to accomplish this. It has a Pressure Release Valve. Once you close the case, it automatically releases the air pressure which eliminates the vacuum effect caused in high altitudes.

The SE-300 Seahorse comes with removable foam inserts. There is egg crate in the lid and pick and pluck in the bottom. Place your flare gun and flares on the foam and fashion a compartment around them so they are nestled in the foam. Now they are protected against water damage.

The SE-300 Seahorse case has latches that you can have locks put in. Since you live by salt water, the plastic keyed tamperproof lock will be just right for you. It will not corrode due to the salt water. Your case will remain watertight, even if it falls overboard. The case remains watertight even in 30 feet of water.

You have color selections of black, gun metal, yellow, orange or camo for your SE-300 Seahorse. Your case is economical and lightweight. It looks stylish and keeps itsí finish no matter how hard you use it.

Now, the next time you and your buddies go fishing, your SE-300 Seahorse case will be right there to keep you out of trouble. You never know when you might need those flares. Thanks to your SE-300 Seahorse case they will be in working order.

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