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About Seahorse Cases

Seahorse cases are designed for work or play. Whether you are playing in your kayaks, going to the shooting range or a field technician who needs to ensure their equipment is in perfect flawless condition Seahorse cases will be there to protect your equipment. Your equipment will be protected in any circumstance snow, sunshine, dust, water or any other debris you can throw at it. The patented o-ring will keep these elements and more away from your tools and equipment.

Each Seahorse case comes with a lifetime unconditional guarantee. If you break it Seahorse will replace it. These cases mean business. They are made from tough polypropylene. That means they are strong, lightweight and crush resistant. You technically could park your car on top of your equipment while it is safely free from damage on the inside.

Seahorse cases come in a variety of colors and custom colors are available. The standard colors are OSHA safety yellow, SOLAS international orange, black, gunmetal gray and camouflage. Each Seahorse case is completely customizable. The foam inserts are made of three parts. A convoluted top, a layer of pick and pluck foam and then a more ridged solid foam bottom. The pick and pluck foam allows you to completely tailor your case to your specifications. Every piece of your equipment can be safely stored and organized and ready for the job at hand. If you want even more versatility and nearly infinite configurations there is an optional divider set for select cases. The divider set is comprised of movable liners with Velcro ends. This gives you the ability to change your configuration on the fly. Keeping your tools and equipment has never been easier.

These cases are attractive, durable and designed for the rigors of travel. They are lightweight and easily stow-able. If time near the water calls, you can be absolutely sure that your tools and equipment are safe inside your Seahorse case. Every case is pressure and water tested before being sold. These tests ensure that the o-ring is in perfect working condition. You can reliably trust that if your camera or other equipment takes a tumble into the water that no damage will result. Plus, your Seahorse case will float for easy retrieval. Your Seahorse case is designed with a foolproof nature. Under the clasp is an automatic purging valve that sets itself when you latch your Seahorse case. You'll never forget to set the valve.

Keeping your equipment safe is easy. Every case is lockable; either with the standard holes to accommodate a padlock to the optional keyed locking clasps. The locking clasps can either be chrome or plastic. They are tamper-proof and rugged, but if you’re going to be using your case around salt water it is suggested that you use the plastic locking clasps.

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