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SE-300 Seahorse and The Convenience Store Owner

You own a convenience store. You have owned it and worked it for many years. You really enjoy your job. The customers are very nice and friendly. The only draw back you really see is that it is located out of town in a secluded area. You have never been robbed, but you know that the same kind of store in town was robbed about a week ago. The woman behind the counter was in hysterics.

Lately you have had a few unknown faces come in. This has given you a few moments of nervousness as you work alone. You have to take the days sales money to the bank and deposit it in the bank. Usually it is dark when you get done working and are ready to go. Your friends have all been telling you that you should have some protection since you are also a woman who works alone.

You decide to go and get your self a pistol. Nothing huge, just something to make you feel safer. You also need a gun case. Something that is easy for you to handle and keep with you at the store. The SE-300 Seahorse case series has a case that is made just for this purpose.

The SE-300FP1 Seahorse case was made especially for this purpose. It will protect your pistol and take extreme abuse and harsh treatment. It comes with optional pre-molded foam that will fit your pistol. There are pockets for extra ammo and accessories.

The SE-300FP1 Seahorse case comes with all the perks of the other SE-300 cases. It is rugged and lightweight. You will be able to easily carry it. It has optional chrome keyed locks in the latches. There is a Perimeter O-Ring seal located in the base that keeps water out. This purge system helps you by letting air in and out of the case while keeping it watertight. When you close the case it automatically adjusts to the air pressure. Dust and other contaminants are also kept out of the case. Once you open it, the pressure releases.

The SE-300FP1 Seahorse case is just like the other cases in this series. It does not dent or chip. This case was made for your convenience. You can keep it in your store and feel safer knowing it is there.

The SE-300FP1 Seahorse case comes in black or camo brown. Your case is economical for you to own and use. It will keep itsí finish no matter what you throw at it. You can breath a sigh of relief knowing that you and your pistol are protected. Now those nighttime jitters donít seem so hard to handle.

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